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On the following pages various models of MCV buses and coaches....just click on the pictures!
MCV S121
MCV 400
MCV 400 (new)
MCV 500
MCV 600
MCV 220
MCV 240
MCV 260
MCV 260C
MCV South Africa

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MCV (Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles) was established in 1994. It became the general agent for Daimler AG in Egypt. In 1995 MCV started assembling trucks from both Germany and Brazil. In 1998 MCV established its own bus factory. The current (2013) range consists of a large number of models, from midibuses to high-floor coaches. Beginning of 2014 new MCV 220 midibuses were put into service in Cairo. Those are built on Chevrolet chassis, indicating MCV does not build exclusively on Mercedes chassis anymore.
In 2002 MCV took over the Marshall business in the United Kingdom and started building models for the British market. The single decker was initially called the Stirling, in 2004 it was modernised and called the Evolution. It is mainly built on MAN chassis. Somewhere around 2010 MCV started collaborating with a Chinese bus builder (probably Foton), assembling the buses in Egypt under model names E10, E20, E30, E40 and E50.
In 2007 MCV took over De Haan in South Africa, modernized the factory and restyled some of De Haan's models, calling them S125 and S140. They also offered th MCV 600 in a three-axle version, the 260 and the C120R on Scania and MAN chassis. For models see the MCV South Africa page.

MCV bus models
Midibuses on Mercedes-Benz and Chevrolet/Isuzu (GM Egypt) chassis
220C / R / L midibus on Chevrolet/Isuzu NPR chassis, Iuzu 4HF1 engine 6.9 m     C=City, R=Regular, L=Luxury
230C / R / L midibus on Chevrolet/Isuzu NQR chassis, Iuzuz 4HG1 engine 8.1 m     C=City, R=Regular, L=Luxury
240Eco midibus on Mercedes-Benz chassis, OM 364LA-II/23 engine 7.9 m     MB LO812
260C / R / T midibus on Mercedes-Benz chassis, OM 904LA-III engine 8.3 m     C=City, R=Regular, T-Tour
Mercedes-Benz high floor front engine buses
S121 Mercedes-Benz OM 926-LA front engine city bus 12.2 m      
S124 Mercedes-Benz Actros truck chassis, simple transport bus 12.5 m      
Mercedes-Benz rear engine city buses
C120RF Mercedes-Benz OM 906 LA-III rear engine "raised-floor" city bus 12 m      
C120LE Mercedes-Benz OM 906 LA-III rear engine low-entry city bus 12 m      
C120SLE Mercedes-Benz OM 906 LA-III rear engine semi-low-entry city bus 12 m      
Single deck buses (primarily) for the UK market
"Capital" Dennis Dart chassis .     5 built 2003
"Stirling" MAN 12.220 and 14.220 chassis .     built 2003-2005

MAN 12.220 (A76), 12.240 (A76), 14.220 (A66) and 14.240 (A66),
MAN A88, VDL SB180, Dennis Dart, MAN NL323F, Volvo B7RLE, Mercedes OC500U (LE) chassis

10.3-12 m     C102, C110, C123, C124, introduced 2004
C130(R)LE MAN based low-entry city bus (Australia) 12.5 m      
Double deckers for the UK market
DD102(RLE) double decker bus, VDL DB300 chassis, Cummins IsBe 250 engine 10.2 m      
DD103RLE double decker bus on Volvo B9TL chassis 10.3 m      
MCV regional buses and coaches on Mercedes-Benz chassis
400 Mercedes-Benz OM 906LA-III rear engine regional bus 11.9 m      
400L Mercedes-Benz OM 906LA-III rear engine coach 11.9 m      
500 Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA-III rear engine coach 12.2 m      
600 Mercedes-Benz OM 457LA-III rear engine high-end coach 12.1 m      
Minibuses, adapted by MCV
Sprinter German minibus 5.9 m      
E150 Echoline Chinese minibus 5 m      
Buses and coaches resulting from collaboration with a Chinese company (Foton?)
E10 bus, Cummins EQB125-20 front-engine 7.5 m      
E20 bus, Cummins EQB160-20 front-engine 8 m      
E30 bus, Cummins EQB210-20 rear-engine 9.5 m      
E40 bus, Cummins EQB245-20 rear-engine 11.2 m      
E50 coach, Cummins L340-20 rear-engine 12 m