Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Co.(EAMCO)
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On the following pages various models of EAMCO buses and coaches....just click on the pictures!
EAMCO-Daewoo 2911-DCG
EAMCO-Daewoo BH117?
EAMCO-Daewoo BS106
EAMCO-Daewoo BH120
EAMCO-Daewoo BH117?
Scania -EAMCO

In January 2000 the bus division of El Nasr was split off from the company and privatised. The new name was Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Co. (EAMCO). Daewoo became involved and EAMCO has been assemblicng Daewoo bus (chassis) since then. The standard bus model (previously 911-971-966) was continued but with Daewoo components. New bus models were introduced some of which have many Daewoo features. End of 2014 EAMCO introduced buses on Scania chassis, apparently signaling the end to the exclusive link with Daewoo. The model is still largely similar to the Nasr-Daewoo 2911-CNG bus though the new buses have normal diesel engines and are slightly longer.

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Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Co.
Wadi, Hof Helwan, Cairo, Egypt