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Saviem S105
Saviem S105
Saviem S105
Saviem S105R
Saviem S105R
Saviem S105R
Renault S105R
Renault S105R
Renault S105RX
Renault PR180.2
Renault SM8-Amiot
Renault SG2
Renault SG4
Renault dépannage


SOTRA fleet 1990

SOTRA: Abidjan buses fleet list. Buses are numbered in order of arrival, so different models are mixed in one series. In 1990 the lowest number seen was 657, the highest was 2143. Works vehicles are numbered in the 9000-series. Numbers are followed by one figure denoting the depot. The old colour scheme was green and cream. Around 1981 this was replace by brighter green and white with dark skirts. The Renault SM8 coaches were white and blue as were Renault S105R school buses, the small Renault SG2 and Saviem SG4 red and white. Renault SG2 were also used on the "Taxi-Bagages" sevices.
. Saviem SC2 L433 Saviem (withdrawn)
. Saviem S105 Saviem 2-doors
. Saviem S105 Saviem 3-doors
. Saviem S105R Saviem 2-doors
. Saviem S105R Saviem 3-doors
. Renault S105R Renault 2-doors
. Renault S105R Renault 3-doors
. Renault S105R Renault 2-doors, school bus
. Renault S105RX Renault 3-doors
2099-2100 Renault PR180.2 Renault articulated
. Renault SM8 Amiot coaches, white-blue
. Renault SG2 Renault white-red, Taxi Bagages
  Saviem SG4 ? white-red
. . . .
The Saviem SC2 was built from 1960-1964, the S105 was built from 1964 to 1977, the S105R from 1977 to 1987 and the S105RX from 1987 to 1993. In 1980 the name Saviem was dropped and all vehicles were badged Renault. These buses were the standard buses with SOTRA from its creation in 1960.

During the 1990's and the beginning of the new Millennium SOTRA services declined and the company ahd a difficult period with the fleet being reduced to some 400 buses in 2012. When production of the S105RX was terminated by Renault, SOTRA continued the construction of the model itself (assembling 50), later on developing its own model. Secondhand buses were added (308 between 1994 and 1998), among others Renault. 400 TATA buses (and Irankhodro) were bought around 2005/2006 and later secondhand Renault Agora from France. The company is currently rebuilding and expanding its fleet and added 150 secondhand Den Oudsten B85 Alliance buses from the Netherlands which are used on Express services.