NTL (New Translohr) S.A.S.
2 Route Départementale 111, 67120 Duppigheim, France
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New Translohr was created in October 2012 as the successor to Translohr, the builder of rubber-tired trams. Alstom has 51% of the shares of the new company and  BPI France 49%. The company continued the introduction of the Translohr rubber-tired trams which are now in service in Clermont-Ferrand (France, 2006), Padua (Italy, 2007), Tianjin-Teda (China, 2008), Shanghai (China, 2009), Venice-Mestre (Italy, 2010), Paris (France, 2013 and 2014) and Medellin (Colombia, 2016).

NTL and Alstom developed a new concept all-electric bus, the APTIS, in 2016. A second prototype was built in 2017 and will be tested from September 2017 onwards in Versailles.

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