Europe has a wide variaty of bus builders and models, often with a very long history. Until the 1990’s the orientation of the bus body building companies was mostly national, with chassis and engines being supplied by a few large enterprises, notably Mercedes, MAN, Volvo, Scania, Renault, DAF and IVECO. In the eastern European communicst block bus production was concentrated and there were just a few, large, bus builders, with Ikarus from Hungary being the main builder supplying buses to the Comecon countries. The fall of the iron curtain, the European integration and the desintegration of the Soviet Union changed this.  The need for European tenders and the open markets lead to the dissaperance of smaller builders and mergers. At the same time new companies were set up in the east European and former soviet countries. Lower labor and operational costs in the east meant a shift in production and the major bus builders Volvo, MAN and Mercedes now build many of their vehicles in Poland and Turkey rather than in Sweden or Germany. IVECO, which absorbed Renault (and for a while the new company was called Irisbus) builds buses in Italy, France and other countries. As there is much less identity we treat all the existing European (including the Turkish though their production is on the Asian side of the Bosporus) on one page.  Former bus builders are treated under the respective country pages.

Boloré-Bluebus France
Vanden Berghe Belgium
Van Hool Belgium
Joost-Campus Bus Belgium
Delta Belgium
Mercedes-Benz (EvoBus)

Adapting minibuses:
Arobus Turkey
Elegantbus Poland
Erener Turkey
Carbus Spain
Cento Bus Romania
Bus Prestige Poland
Bus Factory Poland
Tribus Netherlands
Schleithoff Germany
Pacific Tur Romania

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