Buses in Vietnam

A start has been made with the Vietnam pages, adding pictures made in July/August 2011. Interestingly, most buses photographed are South Korean Hyundai and Daewoo buses. A few Mercedes-Benz were also seen, with local bodywork.

Daewoo buses are now assembled locally. Hyundai buses are also built up locally under the Transinco brand name. SaigonBus builds bodywork on, among others, Mercedes-Benz, and SAMCO builds modern buses on, among others, Isuzu and Hino chassis. Many buses run on natural gas.

Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) have bus transport undertakings. Various larger companies and many local ones serve regional, long distance and local routes. Many buses are used for transport of workers and pupils. Tourism is important and several coach/travel companies exist.

Relevant links:
http://www.hyundaihv.com/ Hyundai, Transinco, Daewoo bus models
http://www.saigonbus.com.vn SaigonBus (bus company and bus builder!)
http://www.hanoibus.com.vn/ HanoiBus
http://www.thanhcong-hyundai.com Hyundai Thanh Cong. Delivered 500 CNG buses to Sonadezi in 2009, opened assembly factory.
http://www.thuexedulich.com.vn/ travel and coach company
http://www.onlinetravel.vn/ Neway travel and coach company
http://www.dulichvietbac.com.vn travel and coach company