1,138,910 sq km.
Population 44,725,543
Large cities: Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla





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Colombia is a large country with a difficult terrain where buses play a prominent role in passenger transport. The railway system has been in decline for decades and, apart from a tourist steam train, there currently is no passenger service. While airlines provide frequent services between all major towns, most people keep relying on buses. Bogotá now has a very efficient bus rapid transit system, the Transmilennio, after long discussed metro plans proved to be too expensive. Medellin has its metro since the 1990's, and has some cable cars for public transport. The BRT system is being installed in more cities, such as Barranquilla. Privately operated urban buses can be found in all cities. Modern bus stations cater for quality long distance coach services. At the same time many old buses are in service and the "chiva" open bus with wooden bodywork can still be found in remote areas.

Colombia has a large number of local bus builders, some of which operate purely local. Some started as branches of US bus builders (Superior, Blue Bird). Recently Busscar and Marcopolo have established themseves in the country. Many pictures form 1982 and more recent years are available and will be added to these pages.

There is one other site on Colombian buses, with interesting information: www.busesdecolombia.com

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