Société Nationale de Transport Interurbain
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SNTRI was created on 21 October 1981 when the SNT (Société Nationale du Transport) was split into three companies: SNT (Société Nationale du Transport for transport up to some 45 kilomters around Tunis), SMLT (Société du Métro Léger de Tunis for the light metro network) and SNTRI (Société Nationale de Transport Interurbain, at first Société Nationale de Transport Rural et Interurbain). Initially SNTRI took care of most interurban transport and of local services under contract to Siliana province, but after a reorganisation of the sector in 1987 SNTRI concentrates on the "grandes lignes", the major long-distance routes, leaving local interurban transport to the regional transport companies. There are also international services though the routes to Lybia have been suspended for the time being.
In 1984 total fleet size was 709, composed of 488 FIAT 418, 80 FIAT 418 articulated, 45 FIAT 411, 91 Ikarus 280 articulated and 5 Volvo -SETCAR. This fleet still reflected the main activities of SNTRI which were interurban and rural transport. With the exception of the Volvo's these buses most likely all originated with SNT. Around the same time over 50 luxury FIAT 370 coaches were imported from Italy (badged as STIA). Since the 1987 reorganisation the company concentrates on long-distance luxury services. Fleet size on 31 December 2011 was 187, all luxury long distance coaches. Apparently after the FIATs mainly Volvo -SETCAR coaches were bought. Recently IVECO/Irisbus -STIA coaches and MAN -Alpha Bus were added. The SNTRI website also shows a 3-axle Volvo B10M -SETCAR coach.