26,338 sq km.
Population 11.7 million
Large cities: Kigali





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Rwanda is a small country in the heart of Africa with a complex history, marked by the civil war/genocide of the 1990's. The country is developing though it still is poor. The small size, the high population density which is mainly rural with few urban centres and the mountanous terrain make that public transport is mainly by minibuses and midibuses, almost all Toyota Hiace and Coaster, though some other makes are mixed in. Large buses are operated by ONATRACOM (Office Nationale des Transports en Commun). This company recieved 70 Nissan -Fuji buses in 1976 and 40 more in 1983. ONATRACOM still exists and in 2012 operates a fleet of mostly Kenyan built Nissan -LSHS buses. There used to be some urban operation in Kigali but most buses were used on regional routes. In 2006 a new private company started operating large buses, KBS (Kigali Bus Services), initially with Toyota Coaster and a few secondhand large buses, but in 2012 it operates 40 new Chinese buses. Two companies operate small numbers of Egyptian built mid-size buses and there are a few large buses belonging to the army and institutions. International transport is also with large buses but those belong to foreign companies. Several private companies operate midibuses, as mentioned mainly Toyota Coaster. While the midibuses mostly display a company name, minibuses rarely do. Due to the civil war in neighbouring Congo and the associated refugee problems UN buses can also be seen regularly.

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