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Connexxion, concession Haarlem-IJmond (3 September 2017 to 13 December  2025)
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Fleet news:
In October 2019, long buses 3230 and 3231 recieved Rnet livery. They were far too large for the school services they were meant for.

On 3 September 2017 the new concession Haarlem-IJmond officially started, with a new network and a partially new fleet. Connexxion remains the operator.

A major change to the network is the start of R-net routes 382 (IJmuiden-Amsterdam Sloterdijk) and 385 (IJmuiden-Haarlem). In IJmuiden 382 and 385 use the new free busway that was already inaugurated on 2 April 2017. These R-net routes are operated by the concession Haarlem-IJmond, the other R-net routes that call at Haarlem (300, 340, 346, and 356) are operated by Amstelland-Meerlanden and will see major changes in December 2017. Routes 382 and 385 are operated by new VDL Citea LLE120 series 3200-3220, in R-net livery.

The route network with small buses is also reorganized and now has route numbers 4, 7, 9 and 14. These all call at Heemstede-Aerdenhout station. Only 14 calls at Haarlem station. It was announced that electric buses would operate these routes, but instead eight VDL MidCity on Mercedes Sprinter basis were purchased, series 1950-1957

Routes 75 and 82 were replaced by R-net routes 385 and 382. A new 82 provides a secial service to connect Amsterdam Sloterdijk with the Newcastle ferry in Ijmuiden. Most other routes saw minor changes.

Routes per 3 September 2017 are:
2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, routes centered on Haarlem-Heemstede
71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77, 78, 79, regional routes centering on Beverwijk
80, 81, 82, 84, regional routes centering on Haarlem
382, 385, new R-net routes
481: neighborhood bus
N30, N80: night routes
567: seasonal route
680: school route

The fleet per 3 September 2017 consists of:
1950-1957: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter –VDL MidCity for routes 4, 7, 9, 14
2100-2107: BYD (will arrive later)
3600…3683: MAN Lion’s City CNG (55 left)
4517-4524: Mercedes-Benz Citaro CNG
3200-3220: VDL Citea LLE for R-net routes 382 and 385
3222-3226: VLD Citea LLE for route 80
3230-3231: VDL Citea XLE for school route 680
7390-7391: Mercedes-Benz Tribus Civitas for neighborhood bus service 481.

The new buses are in the current Connexxion livery white with yellowish-green upper parts, the R-net buses are red and grey. The old CNG buses retain their green livery. Electric city buses for Haarlem, both large BYD and small buses, were announced, but the small buses delivered are diesels and the large buses still have to arrive. 63 CNG buses series 3600…3683 and 4517-4524 remain in service until 2020, when thwy will be replaced by zero-emission buses.


1950-1957: Mercedes-Benz -VDL MidCity
2100-2107: BYD electric
3200-3220: VDL LLE120 Citea
3222-3226: VDL LLE120 Citea
3230-3231: VDL XLE145 Citea
3230-3231: VDL XLE145 Citea Rnet
3600…3683: MAN Lion’s City CNG
4517-4524: Mercedes-Benz Citaro CNG
7390-7391: Mercedes-B. Sprinter -Tribus
7646-7653: VDL Midcity Electric

Temporary buses
(demo/instruction) : BYD Electric